My First Moleskine // Travel Sketchbook

The weather here has been monumentally poop the last week...and my health hasn't been much better, which has given me the perfect opportunity to get my moleskine back out and start splashing the slightly-dodgy-drawings I did on Italian trains with lots of inks, watercolours, poscas and promarkers. I've also gradually been destroying mum and dad's house with black inky fingerprints and smudges on all the walls and furniture, which are the result of my daily home-printmaking-adventures... I've got some mini cuts of lino to keep playing around with and I've also been doing some super basic screenprinting using the old 'paper cut out stencil' under the screen method. I'm not sure if there's any examples of those in the pictures below, but I have mostly gone monumentally mad for monoprinting as you'll see! 

I feel like my blog has been photo-heavy the last few weeks, so I hope some sketch booking mixes things up a bit, I'm also currently prepping for a 'whats in my pencil case' blogpost I was tagged for by Lauren, so I'm not going to bore you with the materials I used, but the total staples when I was travelling were these Cass Art Watercolour Pencils - the colours were just so perfect for the mediterranean environment and they were super practical as a dry medium that could later be enhanced by water where necessary. They're not something I've previously used or would have even considered picking up, but I was given when I was ambassadoring for Cass Art and fell so in love that within 2 months they were all sharpened down to 1cm stubs... I've just invested in my second packet and cannot recommend them enough! ...also, this is the very first Moleskine I've owned and I am totally won over by the size, format and paper. Another one is on the cards I think, want to get into constant journaling Amy-style!

(Ignore my double jointed thumb please....)

Naomi x


  1. This is awesome, really inspiring!!

  2. Ahhhh I love seeing inside other people's sketchbooks! These are so beautiful - love the bright colours and the variation in styles. I miss my sketchbook... buildings are my favourite thing to draw - I need to make some time for sketching around London! x

  3. I love this! I really need to look into Moleskine. They look like they hold onto paint beautifully. I love the illustrations of the different types of architecture.

    Peace & Love // Celestralite

  4. I love these so much, especially the colours you choose and your mono prints!! (well, they look like mono prints haha!) xxx