BACK TO UNI: Wishlist#1


A slight break from all the travel posts if nothing else...

When I first started *this* blog like two years ago it was much more a whole-rounded 'my life' blog... alongside the arty stuff and Londony stuff, I used to quite often do wishlist posts/the occasional outfit post...I'm not overly sure why I stopped to be honest, except that I dress like poo these days. But whether or not I choose to re-introduce either of those elements permanently, I've decided to do a little series of 'Back to uni' posts which may include me lusting over lovely stationery or just reminiscing my thoughts this time two years ago. 

Today I'm taking a trip to Westfield in Stratford to refresh my wardrobe with some new Autumnal clothes - I normally tend to spend all year in my summer clothes with a pair of tights underneath basically... so I'm on the hunt for some in-betweeny clothes! With uni, I need to make sure my wardrobe is stocked with clothes prepared for anything - whether that be a messy day in the printmaking room or a fancy schmancy night out in central London. In terms of what I'm looking for, I don't do smart-smart, so casual and slightly baggy gets a thumbs up ... I'm a big fan of anything patterny, but keen to steer away slightly from my staple go-to navy colour when it comes to clothing for once, maybe hunt out some things in autumn shades of burgundy and yellow. 

Naomi x

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