Travels: ROME!

Trying to keep these travel posts roughly in order of the places we visited, even if they are months behind! I have an alarmingly small number of photos of Rome, I think I might have prioritised the disposables over the digitals which might be why... anyway, we stayed a few stops out from central Rome at the stop 'Basilisca S Paulo' (probably spelt drastically wrong...) on the blue Metro line, which we took to 'Colesseo' each day. Rome is a small enough city that once we were within the centre, everything was within walking distance. However, having only 2 and a half days in the city we decided the best way to prioritise our time and attention would be on one of those open-top tour buses... after some comparison of the different companies routes, we found the company with the light green bus to be the best value for money, buying a multi-day pass it took us on the longest route and via the best stops and having the hop-on hop-off option allowed us to save the time we would have spent walking too. 

As we'd spent a good €20 on a 3 day bus pass, we didn't spend any money on entry to the Vatican city or the Colesseum... both were impressive and amazing from the outside, but the queues were insane and with our tight schedule we didn't think it worth it. Also, we had another 3 weeks of travel ahead on a tight budget, so we prioritised the free places... some of which were probably more amazing and definitely less crowded. There was an adorable chapel, the name of which I don't unfortunately remember, but the most beautiful interior for a church that you will ever see. Although, the Pantheon is pretty 'up there' too! The Piazza Navona and the super cute surrounding streets were my favourite part, but the main shops were also pretty decent. We also had an amazing night out at the Scholars Lounge karaoke night...my friends probably enjoyed it more than me as I will ill as anything...and totally not amused when I had to navigate us the 3 mile bus/walking trip (through the red light district) home at 4am, although on the plus side I got a totally tourist-free photo with the colosseum and a very amusing video of a solider marching a drunken Caroline and Shauneen towards a portaloo and forcing them to use it. :')

Naomi x

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