Travels: Pompeii... ♪ ♫ how am I gonna be an optimist about this ? ♫ ♪

Pompeii is one of those places that features on most people's travel wish lists, but in reality nothing can prepare you for the scale of the place or the magnitude of destruction that the eruption caused. We set aside a whole day for Pompeii and honestly it deserves nothing less, we were only in the area for three days, but if you're staying there for longer, seriously consider going back for a second - the entry is such good value too, particularly for under-25s. We arrived in the morning to a very overcast and thundery atmospheric environment, with a couple of showers and a great mist hanging over the surrounding mountains and Mount Vesuvius itself. Not only was it incredible to wander freely the streets of a town perfectly preserved and encapsulated in time, but it was also insane to see their quality of architecture totally stripped back with no distraction, the little patterns in the stonework and unexpected to me, was the crazy amount of colour from the flowers that had grown in the highly mineral environment. Do not visit the area around Naples/Sorrento/Amalfi Coast and not go to Pompeii! It is honestly the most incredible place you will go, and most essential for a really eye-opening experience. 

Naomi x

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  1. Wow, I've never visited Pompeii; and have always wanted to, such lovely photos. Thank you for sharing :)

    Erin | cd