Travels: Capriiiiiiiii

When I was asking my brother for recommendations of places to visit at the sites we were staying he actually sort of said not to bother with Capri and to spent the money elsewhere... however we went ahead anyway, keen to see the Grotto Azzurra and take the chairlift up to the top of Monte Solaro... and it turned out to be one of my absolute favourite places of the trip! Unfortunately the Grotto Azzurra were shut due to bad weather, but using the island's pretty good bus service we managed to pretty much cover the perimeter of Capri during our few short hours there. We bought a one way ticket on the chairlift up the mountain for stunning views of the entire mainland bay and the famous two Capri stones and when we realised there was no other way down [!] decided to walk back, which was through the most gorgeous nature-y trail. We bumped into a university lecturer from the USA who was a frequent visitor to Capri, we saw him four or five times during the day (which shows how small the island is!) and he was sooo incredibly knowledgable about the area and really helped guide us throughout the day, including when we missed our boat back to Sorrento!

I would definitely recommend a day in Capri if you're staying in Sorrento/Amalfi coast... get up super early to get the boat (I would say we left our start a bit late) get the latest possible boat back to the mainland...take the chairlift to the top- but don't buy a return - the walk down is amazing... make best use of the bus service...go to the Grotto Azzurra (make me jealous!)....and if you miss your boat back too, you can use your ticket on any ferry of the same company! ;)

Naomi x

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  1. Capri sounds and looks absolutely beautiful! I'd love to go there someday.. My list of "would like to go to" is getting longer everyday! :P Oh & you're pretty :)
    Jade x