Out & About: Serpentine Pavilion 2015

Not gonna lie, if i'm being brutally honest, this place was a bit of a let-down. Kinda cool, but absolutely nothing like how it looked in promotional photos! Highly recommend you go at dusk or when the sun is in a super shiny/glittery mood, as the overcast day we picked to go did not do the Pavillion much justice...and definitely didn't live up to the instagram high hopes! Nonetheless, I'm not saying don't visit... if you're in the area and the lighting is right, it is well worth the wander through whatever the weather, especially with friends or family! It's a photo opportunity if nothing else ;)

Naomi x


  1. Too bad it wasn't what you expect it to be or what they showed in pictures... I guess we will always have those :/
    Jade x

  2. Really cool idea but I get what you mean about the weather, I suppose it can't be helped! Anything can look great with a bit of sun in the background.