Out & About: God's Own Junkyard, Walthamstow

I was undecided if to interrupt the backpacking posts with London stuff, but to be honest I've left everything so late to post, I didn't think it would much matter! I'm back at 'home home' in Cambridgeshire for a few weeks of 'summer' at the moment, but in the space between returning from Europe and coming here I had about three weeks in London, an absolutely perfect version of London with no uni commitments... so naturally I treated it like an extension of travelling... just without the expensive food and arsey taxi drivers!! ;) During that time I also had Amy-Lee, Silvia and Ana all to stay separately, which was the most beautiful thing, as they're three of my very best friends and we all live in different places so never get to see each other! 

During Ana's visit we took a day trip to the other side of North London, starting with a picnic up Alexandra Palace and then taking the tube over to Walthamstow to 'God's Own Junkyard', which I first read about absolutely zonks ago on Ellie's blog and have been dying to visit ever since. Upon leaving Walthamstow station, we followed some rather dodgy directions (it's a really cute walk too!) which let us to the industrial estate which houses this neon light wonder. The door is just open, anybody can wander in and have a look around at this crazy ensemble of neon lights, props, fairground lights, random objects and giant disco balls - plus there's a cafe-come-bar in the corner selling everything from a number of independent ales to beans on toast. 

Naomi x

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  1. ohmygoodness! This place is so awesome, definitely another one to add to the "London List"
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!