My Favourite Bits & Bobs from D&AD New Blood

I am so off the blogging boil it's unbelievable. I've just been soooo so so busy having a life and living crazy long days ever since I got back to the UK, that this space has had to take a bit of a backseat... remember the good old days when I used to blog every other morning or more!!? However, I'm now back at Mum and Dad's for a few weeks, so hopefully I'll catch up with the past couple of months... I've seen and done SO many new and exciting things that I want to share with you, and store here for my future self too. Not only have I still got a million and one travel posts to create, but I've also been treating the past few weeks in London as an extension of the adventurin', and I've been lucky enough to share it with three of my best friends from school/sixth form who each separately came to stay with me.

Whilst Ana was down I forced her to be all art student-y for a day, which involved a trip to D&AD's annual New Blood show in Spitalfields. For those of you who've never heard of it, New Blood is an annual student exhibition and award scheme (they hold live brief competitions every year January - March-ish time), graduates from varying disciplines of design from around the country put together a stand as part of their course and/or university. It acts as a prime place for employers etc to handpick new talent and showcases the best of emerging design talent for anybody to go and see. The event only lasts two days and, my blogging is so bad, it was a couple of weeks ago now - but I've chosen my personal favourite pieces of the show. Again, you can tell i'm well out of blogging practice as I haven't got names for any of these... I can't even tell you which uni they were a part of, how bad is that!? If you know any of them, please comment below! Meanwhile, I'm very sorry I've not credited them, but I hope my love for all of the pieces below begins to make up for it ;)

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