Travels: Adventure Along the Amalfi Coast

Sorry that all this blogging is a bit stop-start, I keep going between home and London and home and London... etc and since I returned from Europe I just cannot sit still, I just want to carry on the exploring and the adventures are continuing around London... totally treating it like an extension to the travels, especially with Amy-Lee visiting for a few nights and a trip out with Ellie to Forest Hill/Peckham - I can't help but think we did that day totally wrong though. So, if either of those places are your own stomping ground, do let me know in the comments what we should have seen/done and we will return!

I've been in a bit of a muddle trying to decide how best to post the things from my travels, I really didn't want to just name a place, have a few photos and call it a blog post. However, for the first few days that is all I seem to have - made even less 'blogworthy' by the grey skies that dominated. But the Amalfi Coast was still an incredible area and a perfect way to kickstart our first two weeks in Italy. We took the circumvesuviana train from Meta to Naples where we purchased a coach ticket from just outside the train station for approximately €10 - which was a kind of hop-on-hop-off deal. The coach took a slightly terrifying but incredibly picturesque mountainside route, making numerous request stops along the way, we however stayed on until Amalfi, where we first witnessed lemons the size of our heads. ;) Due to the bad weather we spent most of our time dashing between little shops, but we also spent some time looking at the cathedral and the collections of mini houses and figurines that you also get lots of along the main road between villages going towards Amalfi. We ate the first gelato of about 300 that month and spent some time (in the rain) by the sea, before hopping back on the coach as far as Positano. We had intended to take the Path of the Gods, but were advised not to do so in the evening as it got dark quickly. Instead we climbed up to it and admired the view for a bit. :)

Proper, less scatterbrain, travel posts coming soon I promise.

Naomi x

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