Out&About: PICK ME UP 2015

Sorry to do two 'exhibitions at Somerset House' posts two days in a row! But this one also ends today (IF YOU'RE IN LONDON, GET YOURSELF THERE NOW) and besides personally I would describe it more a 'festival' of graphic arts, it's on every year and it's sort of very live and very interactive... I ended up being there for nearly four hours! As you enter you are introduced to the work of the twelve illustrators/artists/designers that 'Pick Me Up Selects' for the year, following that there are little rooms each overtaken by a design agency, a room for near-hourly talks, a 'hall' filled with live shops and super fun activities and finally this year the downstairs was in control of Peckham Print Studio - who were also running workshops. Whilst it seems like a bit of fun, I can't even describe how much of a valuable experience this is for graphic communication students - to have the opportunity to talk directly to agencies, studios and collectives and listen to talks by some of the most influential people (publishers, designers etc etc) but in a situation that is just the right amount of 'informal' to ask questions and start discussions - something you'd be unlikely to get via email, or at least not with the same instantanacy. Pick Me Up would also be fun for a family visit, with many of the activities suitable for children and adults... and also for any non-designy people it's an awesome insight into an industry a lot of people basically have no idea is buzzing around them wherever they look. 

Naomi x


  1. Those are really nice pieces! I love the colors!
    Jade x

  2. All these pictures are so colourful and beautiful! & Those t-shirts look Ah-mazing :)