Out&About: Exploring West London - Holland Park/Kyoto Garden

What is even happening to my blog?!! I like really miss making like 3/4 posts a week, I don't even know why I stopped now... but I'm not going to make any loose promises to start again despite the fact IT'S SUMMER[!] because I'm going travelling for 24 nights starting next week and I'm trying not to be on the internet loads whilst I'm away! I AM SO EXCITED!
Here's some photos from the day I was lost in West London yet again (I swear I get lost every time I go there... ), so I jumped on a boris bike and finally found the Kyoto Garden which I've read about so many times... totally gorgeous, as was the rest of Holland Park in its full springtime bloom!

Naomi x 


  1. Oh hi. I want to go here.
    Have a wonderful time travelling! I'm slightly jealous.

  2. Have fun on your travels I am extremely jealous!! Lovely pictures too!

  3. amazing photos!!!!! have the best time travelling, so jealous x

  4. omg this is beautiful! I'd love to go there.. the place is gorgeous!
    Jade x