Out & About: Secret 7"

Back from yet another unintentional blogging break... we've just had a triple module deadline hand-in and it has literally been controlling my life for weeeeeeeeks. Just one more assignment left until I can focus on summer, the first time I'll have more than a few days off since September... and more excitingly, it's currently only 17 days until I go travelling, EEEEEEE :D  I've allowed myself this bank holiday weekend off between my two deadlines, unfortunately all my friends are away but I'm having a few romantic trips out with my camera ;) Yesterday and Friday combined I literally have. not. stopped. Taken my usual exploring to a new level, I do love going by myself because I can go at my own pace and my attention is a hundred per cent on my surroundings, I can stray off path and stay out as long as I want. I only wish I'd been to the events and exhibitions earlier as everything seems to end tomorrow and by the time I've shared them with you, you won't have time to visit yourself. 

I've selected this one to share first though because it's for such a good cause and their 'sale' is tomorrow morning, so if anyone wants to plan ahead and go you have the chance! Secret 7" is an exhibition currently on at Somerset House, the basic premise is that seven tracks are taken from seven different famous musicians and 100 copies of each song are made on small vinyl discs. Artists, designers, illustrators etc from across the globe - both professional and amateur - are invited to design a sleeve for one of these records in their own style, without including the song or artist name (secret number one), the sleeves are then exhibited and on the last day sold for £50 each, but you don't know who designed it, famous or not, until after the purchase has been made (secret number two!) This year all the money raised goes to Nordoff Robins, a music therapy charity helping vulnerable children and adults to communicate where they may have previously struggled. The sale tomorrow is first come first served and any that remain at the end will be sold off in a charity auction online.
I thought the layout of this exhibition was awesome, sort of simplistically mounted on 'shelves' and in a jumble of styles, media and subject - it meant every next board you came to was full of surprises! Down the centre of two of the three rooms were record players with headphones using which you could listen to each of the seven songs, which totally put me in the zone and I found I noticed so much more about the artworks whilst I had them on!

Naomi x


  1. Love this place! Interesting and creative, I hope I could visit it someday :)


  2. This is amazing! Each artwork is so unique, I love it!
    Jade x