Out & About: Re-Exploring Hackney Wick

WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!! I have never abandoned my blog for this long in the whole time I've had it! I don't even have an excuse..... I've been out of London for a couple of weeks, I haven't done ANY art work, I'VE TURNED TWENTY-ONE whaaaaaaat. I spent my birthday in Brighton with my mum which was the loveliest typical sea-sidey day ever (just with a big furry lined coat on haa). I've been before but I've never been when I can walk unaided so it was awesome to have the freedom to run about and see everything, basically a traditional Naomi exploring adventure!  Talking of adventures, I think I'm join to be forced to take another four weeks or so off blogging in May/June as I am off travelling for a month!!! I can't even explain how excited I am! I'd love to blog as I go along, but unfortunately I won't have internet access... bought 7 disposable cameras and a new memory card for my DSLR, so I'll have lots to talk about when I'm back! In the mean time, now I'm back in London I have a major list of things to see and do which needs conquering and sharing with you ;) I think it's currently 83 things long la la laaa... on Saturday Caroline and I got the bus to Hackney Wick and walked to Stratford via the Olympic Park and bam ended up spending 90% of the day in Westfield, where I spent way too much ... (we had a Benitos Hat toooooo and the day before we saw Ben Howard and the day after I feng-shuied my uni room and it's PERFECT now) ... I am just counting it all as part of my birthday celebrations and ignoring the excessive spending ;) 

Anyways, just wanted to share some pictures of Hackney Wick's insanely awesome street art scene, since taking the 'Alternative London Tour' three times last year, I am literally OBSESSED with watching street art evolve and change and I was crazy crazy in love with the houses one on the bottom, it was not only my favourite colours and black and white illustrative style...but it was full of 3D houses and even cooler, loads of little alcoves which you could see through windows with little scenes going on inside! If you're near the Olympic Park anytime, this is a TOTAL work of art and you must go see it!!

Naomi x

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  1. Hackney Wick is awesome, as is Brighton - you should come back when you don't need a coat ;), I also need to jump on a train to London and your photos have inspired me no end :)