A Peek into My Personal Sketchbook

Just before Christmas I bought myself an A5 sketchbook reserved for very quick drawings/prints/experiments based on observations I'd made in London or photographs I'd taken. Increasingly it's becoming almost an abstract diary of lines, shapes and colours with a fair bit of hand typography thrown in the mix. I'm about to embark on Tigerprint's 'Markmaking' competition and I'm thinking a lot of what I have in this sketchbook could actually be translated as very useful inspiration for that.  I've become obsessed with mono printing in the past week too, so you can definitely tell what are the most recent pages. 
I regret not getting out and about as much in London this term as the first or especially as last year, but I'm still paying rent on the London house over summer so I'm thinking I might treat myself to a fair few holidays back in London to get drawing and exploring!  It's funny how during a term that's been focused around florals that this sketchbook has had such an urban influence on it!

Naomi x

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  1. Your work is so unique and different. Love your style!
    Jade x