What I get up to at uni...

I thought I'd just give you a little insight into what I get up to on a day to day basis at uni... whenever I speak to people on non-arty courses they are shocked to hear that I spend more than 8 hours a week in uni, let alone spending 8 hours a day on average there! I've reached a point where I am totally in love with being in the studio, the print room and just making work. This term has been all about professional practice and external enterprise and through self-initiated briefs and picking my own themes I've really begun to find what I enjoy and what I'm apparently kind of good at. Screenprinting makes me so so so happy, I've no idea why - but this year it has definitely become my favourite medium. The only issues being a very unco-operative technician and my very poorly joints and it cause me a lot of problems, but I have become totally obsessed with exploring its potential as a process nonetheless. This January I begged for my own table and wall space in the studio, but due to lack of furniture I ended up sharing with my two housemates and two best friends from uni - which I think has been really healthy for the development of all three of us as artists. I've also completely taken over one entire wall of the studio, which is incredibly selfish, but even last term I would have been too shy to share anything at all on the wall and having everything up has boosted my confidence, encouraged me to do more and more and it makes me feel wonderful when people come and admire it :) 

I've been chosen by the awesome guys over at Creative Debuts to exhibit these three silkscreen pieces at their third showcase in East London as part of First Thursdays too, 2nd April - BE THERE ;)

Naomi x


  1. Noami, I'm so jealous! Your day in the studio looks like a lot of fun and as I can see you're such a talented artist. You might see me next week at your little exhibition ;) x


  2. Ooh that sounds like an amazing way to spend your days! Love the studio wall! X

  3. This is lovely! And I can understand entirely about spending tons of time there.

    I remember when I was doing photography at college, I just spent all day in the darkroom. To the point that when I came out, I was surprised the lights were on! Hahah. Hoping to study photography again this September and no doubt I will be doing what you do, and trying to immerse myself in it and just be, happy.

    You really do sound happy and I love your work :)


  4. Your time at uni seriously looks so fun, it makes me sad that my uni is so poop and boring. I literally think if you came to spend a day in my uni you'd be like "WTF DO I DO HERE, IT'S SO WHITE AND BORING." - It's so great that you've been chosen to exhibit, these prints are literally my favourite pieces of work you've ever done, they're great!

  5. I absolutely love your tree prints in the second picture. So cute! x
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  6. yeaaah!!!!!!!! art students have it best to be honest. I'm jealous of your wall space but we get a huge one in second year which I'm excited about! Good luck with the exhibition! xxxx

  7. Beautiful prints!
    I'm so jealous of you still being at uni, I graduated four years ago and so my screen printing set up is so small due to being in my kitchen.