Second Year Exhibition: Penultimate

Sure fire sign I'm ridiculously behind with blogging when the first opportunity I've had to blog about this exhibition we put up two weeks ago is on the day it's taken down. Oops. I still wanted to post it though as I have lots of talented peers whose work I want to show off! ;) And besides, nothing else anymore exciting has happened to blog about... the exhibition 'Penultimate' is our second year interim show, kind of a work in progress type thing in the Gallery West's student Project Space. Our course 'Illustration and Visual Communication' is quite broad, so there was a spectrum of work on display from 3-D 'inventions' to decorative laser cuts. I've tagged a few people's names/websites with their work, so please go and check them all out! :)

Work by Nadina Drone, Dom Duong, Harriet Pound-Jones & Stephen Mullan
Amii-Grace Mason & Caroline Furuhovde
Edita Ausiuraite
Two more of mine! ;)
Lauren Knight
Gosia Grodzka

Naomi x

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  1. Your work never ceases to amaze me, I absolutely love it!