Arty Adventures: DIY Self Publishing / Zine Workshop

On Sunday, Caroline and I attended the DIY Self Publishing / Zine workshop at the House of Illustration. At the end of four hours, using only a black and white photocopier, pen, ink and glue we came away with two little artist books - one our own and one collaborative project. In the first task we were given one sheet of a3 paper and a list of prompts to answer to about ourselves and then we had an hour to translate the prompts into a visual zine. As pointed out by the class leaders Mark and Mark a (maybe more considered) personal zine would be a fantastic alternative to business cards or postcards to send out to potential clients or companies. After these had been assembled we moved on to the collaborative task where each person was given a double page spread of text to illustrate using only collage in order to give the entire book a synergy. Collage is something I love to dabble in, but never consider using in my actual work. Having spent the prior week at uni obsessing over printmaking trees, I dived in straight for all the plant imagery! We then got to take away a photocopy of this zine each (note to self: photocopied collage looks awesome!) which taught us everything we needed to know about self-publishing. Overall amazing workshop and I'd love to go to more of this kind of thing :) 

Naomi x

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