Uni Update: Recent Pattern-a-Happenings ;)

I feel like I've achieved nothing work-wise in January because my research sketchbook is not as fat as it would usually be by this point... but I have had a lot of 'fun' just being really free with different media than I'm used to in creating patterns so I thought I'd share some of my experiments :)

Started life has a paper collage with the lines and splodges in felt tip/paints/inks, this one's for the Motion themed brief.

Watery Inks

Colouring Pencil 

Inverted colours in Photoshop

Change of hue from Coloured Pencil drawing


I'm going to be leaving this floral brief behind next week, but I'd like to try a couple more things first! If I have any success I'll add them to the end of my next sketchbook update for you to see :)

Naomi x

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  1. These are beautiful Naomi! You're so talented ☺