Uni Update: Le Gun Workshop

Last Thursday we had a drawing workshop with Le Gun at University, having only been told to bring a pencil, some paper cups and brushes I had no idea what to expect but it was undoubtedly one of the best days I've ever had at uni. Unfortunately we do very little collaborative work on our course and even less drawing-for-drawings-sake so it was the perfect booster to get my creative juices flowing again and kickstart some motivation back into me for my current projects, especially meeting and being surrounded by the first and third years too - who I think just have a totally different creative energy to my own class! We started the day by playing the Equisite Corpses game (for those of you who like me didn't know it even had a name - the foldy-draw-pass-the-paper-thingy!) to come up with some crazy characters. The lovely people from Le Gun then picked their nine favourites and stuck them to the wall above about 2m tall paper which they'd covered the room in. In groups of four we began to sketch out in pencil the characters, adding more and more details to make them even madder! Every ten minutes or so we moved round the room to work on another 'person', beginning to add some ink after our first lap of the room. After lunch we moved on to creating backgrounds - each student wrote a situation and a location and again Le Gun selected their favourites creating crazy combinations such as 'a funeral in a chicken factory' and 'an earthquake in space'. We began to pencil on, and in turn ink, these mad scenarios around the characters until they all linked into one and other. By the end of the day we had filled three walls of the studio with total creativeness, madness and fun! Somehow everybody's unique styles came together and it just kind of 'worked', especially being all seamlessly only in black ink :) I would loveeeee to do more stuff like this in the future.

Naomi x


  1. This is so cool!!! I love the reindeer/viking guy, he looks awesome.


  2. This is like wow! I love it. It's so cool and interesting! I love it when more people work on one art project. Amazing! Jade x