Uni Update: Florals Everywhere

This semester is a lot about external enterprise, so we've been doing competition briefs and self-defined projects etc and also making our own websites. I decided to kickstart the term with two very short surface pattern projects, unfortunately what was meant to be like my creative 'warm up' turned into nearly two months, so now I'm beginning to panic that my website, theory work and the bigger projects have all been neglected. Oops. I was told by my tutor to rip everything out of my floral pattern sketchbook and stick it up in the studio, normally the thought of ripping up my sketchbook would reduce me to tears, but something about that day meant I just went for it! So these pictures are a small selection from my research - including plant studies, trips to Kew Gardens and Columbia Road and a few of my final submissions. My practical work from last semester has also just been regraded, so now every mark i've had so far this year has been a first - in absolute shock! :')

Naomi x


  1. Congrats on getting the firsts!! Loving all the colour in this :) xxx

  2. I absolutely love your art.. the colors make me happy :D
    You're such an inspiration. You should share more pages of your sketch book. :)
    Jade x