Out&About: Thea Porter at the Fashion & Textile Museum

My first visit to the fashion and textile museum was about this time last year to see the Artist Textiles exhibition and I totally fell in love with the place. The only thing that's stopped me going back hundreds of times is the fast you have to pay for entrance, whilst it's only a few pounds it is unusual and unexpected for a London museum. ;) The reason for my visit this time was the description of the Thea Porter exhibition as "bohemian" one of the key words of my current uni project, I'm ashamed to say I didn't really know who she was by name but as soon as I saw the dresses on exhibit I recognised her work instantly! Not only did I do my usual 'ooo'ing and 'aww'ing over all the gorgeous textiles, but the silhouettes of these dresses were GORGEOUS. The insight into her creative process was sooo intriguing and something I always love to see in an exhibition :)

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  1. very nice! I would love to visit that Textiles exhibition once!
    Jade x