Out&About: "Small Stories" at the Museum of Childhood

I'm kinda making it obvious how run down and ill I've been lately by leaving weeks between my normally everyday-or-two blog posts! I'm sorry, I've just been too ill to get out as much as I'd like or to even do enough work. However, I had the loveliest weekend with Silvia visiting and we did loads of East Londony things I've missed and hit up Westfield for a big shopping trip! One of the things we did was visit my all time favourite museum - the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green - where the new exhibition of dolls houses had opened since my last visit. I got a dolls house on my 6th birthday and it was the main feature of my bedroom for about 8 years, I'd visit the toy shop and even dolls house fairs collecting new 'furniture' and dolls - until I had 7 children so I could make it the sound of music house...despite only having two bedrooms! ;) I have to say the dolls houses in the 'Small Stories' exhibition were slightly more impressive! Personally I spent my time just admiring the delicate floral wallpapers and textiles in full-on patternaholic mode. It was incredible to see the changes in dolls houses from ornaments to toys with stories and history told by the characters from each time period. 

Naomi x

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