Out&About: Cereal Killer Cafe!

I've been desperate to go here since the day it opened, so when my friend suggested we went for a catch-up there I jumped at the chance. Then the strangest thing happened, as we were queuing to get in (yes, we queued 20 minutes in the rain for cereal) I logged into Facebook and discovered that Lauren, who was visiting London for the weekend, had been there 49 minutes before!! She'd left the cafe but was only a bit further down Brick Lane, so we got to have a quick surreal chat and hug! 
I apologise now for the poor quality of these photos, I only had my phone with me and they all appear to have come out blurry, high contrast and generally horrible. The interior of the Cereal Killer cafe was built entirely around nostalgia... boxes from all over the world, retro typefaces and old cereal toys (why did they stop putting cereal in toys??? I remember the happiness of pouring rice krispies in a bowl before school and a little toy falling in too!!). The menu was a bit overwhelming and hard to literally read, but basically you could pick a bowl of anything that was on display and any combination of milk OR they had a list of ready suggested 'cereal cocktails' which were a big mixture of cereal and sweets with milkshake on top based around a theme. I opted for the Marshmallow Submarine one but switched the milk to banana flavour and went quite o.t.t. with the syrup on top... Tessa's bowl basically looked like a hippo swimming in sweets! We were seated downstairs in what we described as basically a V.I.P bomb shelter, but the downstairs itself was lovely and peaceful compared to the crazy crowds upstairs, with nostalgia continuing on all four walls! It's expensive for cereal, yes, but it's not expensive for lunch in zone one/two...and some bowls cost no more than a Starbucks coffee anyway and are super filling! Although beware of the major sugar high -> low ;) I shall definitely be back there myself, especially when Rosie comes to visit :D It's made Brick Lane even more my favourite place than before!

Naomi x


  1. I want to go sososo bad!! It looks so cool! x

  2. "Why did they stop putting cereal in toys" hehehe I think you got your words mixed up there :') that would be a novelty lol! Ahh I sooo want to go there though!!