Out & About: London Sky Garden

My blog really really is being neglected lately! Had an exciting couple of weeks though and my camera has accompanied me on quite a few little trips out and about, so now is just the challenge of finding time to edit down and add some words to accompany the photos in the fortnight of deadlines, presentations and exhibiting!
 A few months ago I was reading Time Out London and saw that the 'walkie-talkie' building would soon be opening it's top floor as a free (but ticketed) garden space for the public. Now, I LOVE heights, but I know a lot of my friends/family are really not keen at all - so I booked the maximum allowed tickets on the first day they were released and hoped that would give me the time to talk people into it ;) I've not had the opportunity to go up anything higher than Monument in London before and I know things like the view from the Shard are really super pricey, plus anything being free in London is such a rarity. We could see everything we would ever need to see anyway - even as far out as Wembley, where we live! And the Olympic Park, Canary Wharf... all the big bits and bobs! I have to admit the 'Sky Garden' was not very garden-y at all, but I know it is new and plants need a chance to grow a bit! Plus, realistically, who is there for the garden!!? The 35th floor on 20 Fenchurch Street is also open as two 'restaurants' and there was an outdoor viewing platform, however this was closed yesterday.

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  1. Such a lovely blog! I found it through Ellie. I followed you on bloglovin' as quickly as I could! You're making me miss London though! I lived in the UK last year and miss it terribly, I'm hoping to be back soon to study the the London College of Fashion next January. Perhaps we will have to go get some tea or hot chocolate together :)