London Life: East London Sundays Revisited

I have such a backlog of posts that are all full of photos and stuff but that I'm just struggling sooo hard to add any words too at the moment... and this is the least time-bound one, yet the one I'm deciding to post first as it's Sunday and stuff ;) Anyone who's been reading my blog since the start will know that I have been totally head-over-heals in love with London since the day I moved to university, but unfortunately the crazy amount of work this year means that I've not been able to visit anywhere near as much as last year. So when Silvia came down from York for the weekend it seemed the perfect opportunity to spend a Sunday there - we visited Spitalfields market, Brick Lane, Spitalfields City Farm, play parks (sponsor Silvia's Uganda playground mission here...), Columbia Road, the Museum of Childhood and Bethnal Green. Perfect day - not only was it lovely to be with Silvia and the weather totally gorgeous for February, but we got to have food at Benito's Hat too. ;)

Naomi x

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