Summer Travels Wish List

Obviously [unfortunately] none of these photos are my own but Caroline & I are planning a summer trip around "Europe" or so it started, but we realised realistically to go at the speed we need to see and appreciate everything and money-wise we had to narrow it down. So the new plan is like 80% Italy 10% South of France 10% North of Spain but it's early days and that is very likely to change about a lot! We're hoping to travel by a mix of train/coach/plane as mathematically it seems to worth out better than 'inter railing'. The aim is to make it super arty, learn lots, relax more, walk in the mountains, swim in the seas...I know it is more than my health can really manage but it's my last ever summer holidays and I've been wanting to do this for soooooooo long it's just perfect to find someone with the same intentions to go with :) We've also set up like an 'open invitation' to any friends/classmates who want to join us for a city or two along the way! I know everybody's response is going to be like 'ugh how can you afford that' but the answer is easy jet, advance booking, no luggage, airbnb and hostels ;) Please let me know if there's anywhere you recommend we visit or alternatively any advice on travelling like this would be much appreciated!
Anyways, these are just some of the fabulous places on our wish list/Pinterest board: 

Naomi x

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