Scanned Film & Contacts :)

I am a big supporter of anything old fashioned and hand-crafted when it comes to the arts and despite being totally inseparable from my DSLR I still carry one of my many 35mm cameras around with me on big days out, slowly taking a photo or two a day and then totally forgetting about them until years later. ;) This film however was slightly different as it was part of a mini film photography course on my days off at uni and I only had 3 days to use it up around London and Leicester and then develop myself. It's been about three years since I last did this on my own and I'd totally forgotten everything... but I'm definitely planning to keep making us of the darkrooms whilst their still available to me in the next year. In my dream world I would printmake, typewrite and 35mm everything, but unfortunately I was born about 80 years too late. The pictures in this blog post are actually scans of the negatives and the contact sheet as I had to leave early yesterday and haven't made it as far as big prints yet.

Naomi x


  1. O my.. These are absolutely beautiful! everyone one of them tells me a story which is really really inspiring! Love it!
    Jade x

  2. these are so beautiful! I am yet to try using black and white film but I love the effect - these are so inspiring!