Out&About: Kew Gardens

Yesterday I FINALLY managed to visit Kew Gardens, something that was on my very first 'to do list' when I moved to London in 2013. The entry price is quite high and without a concessionary discount, so having seen that there was a discount for visiting in January, my days were numbered to get in for under £10! But in hindsight it is worth every penny of the full price and I will undoubtedly visit again in the near future. I was so in awe of the beauty and tranquility that I walked around with my mouth hanging open half the time. Thanks to the fact you were free to roam where ever you chose and the lack of security staff guarding things and low numbers of visitors it did not feel one bit like a tourist attraction and it definitely felt a million miles away from London. I've not felt so at harmony with the world in years, I wanted to stay all day but I had to leave after four hours (I could have easily stayed another four!) to go and meet my mum and dad. The Marianne North gallery featured floor to ceiling of frames filled with her botanical illustrations from her travels around the world and I left in just a desperate mood to go and create some of my own. How perfect a life would that be though!?? The treetops walk and Palm house were both incredible too and it was delightful to see colourful flowers again in the depths of winter and the little snowdrops dancing around. I would honestly go back every week if I could afford it and I would never ever ever become bored I don't think.


Naomi x


  1. These photos are absolutely gorgeous!
    I've wanted to visit Kew Gardens for such a long time and this post has made me want to even more :) Glad you had a good time! X


  2. beautiful photos! I haven't been to Kew for years!

  3. this place looks so beautiful, id love to go and draw here one day!! sometimes i wish I had picked a university in London because there are so many things i'm missing out on. xx