Oh hello again :)

Hello lovely people! Sorry for that little blogging gap, had the most insane amount of uni work going on lately and literally haven't had a free second. Hence, no exploring has happened :( But I thought I'd share some of my (rather rubbish) work from last semester to back up my excuse and fill a gap ;) Things should be back to normal on here once I've got over this little patch of exhaustion though! How insane is it that right now I am exactly halfway through uni?!! Terrifying. Literally terrifying. SO not ready for the big wide world...

We've kinda had three main projects this term, hopefully you can differentiate them...otherwise I've failed as a visual communicator!! The first was a zine, mine based on Frigiliana in Spain. The second, on 'imbalance' (I focussed on chakras etc) and was about online publishing, so I created a teabag product to don my surface pattern designs and then their co-ordinating website. Bit pants, but hopefully it's okay! And finally a WW2 themed project in which I just really wanted to develop my screen printing skills...unfortunately due to a not so helpful technician that didn't go very well... they were meant to be in repeat on fabric...but didnt end up past single prints on paper... however I am quite proud of the beige-y one, had like 18 layers no jokes! 

Naomi x


  1. not rubbish at all, it's all fantastic! the second to last image in particular is wonderful, such lovely colours :)

    robyn x

  2. Your work is absolutely beautiful - so daintily illustrated! I have to agree with Robyn, the Turn Out Your Light piece is my favourite. I also love the zine :) X


  3. These designs are absolutely amazing Naomi! You should be so happy about them :)
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk

  4. WHAT none of this is rubbish!!! I love everything on this post and your drawings are so detailed! xx

  5. Love all your work it is honestly so creative and fun! It makes me slightly wish I had gone into 1st year uni instead of 3rd to just do lots of creative projects like this!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!