I Love Patterns: A Trip to the Queen's House, Greenwich

Is it weird that I can't leave the house without being on a subconscious hunt for patterns anymore!? Last weekend Ana was here to visit, she'd stayed over for New Years and a few days more, which was amazingly lovely, on the Friday I think it was, we decided to be touristy (having only been to Westfield until that point!) and try somewhere totally new to both of us. Greenwich Park was already on my to do list and having read Ellie's post on Greenwich Market just before Christmas we settled for there. Plus this meant we could "drive" the DLR on the way ;) After we'd done the market (post on that soon... I've written these backwards!) and the park (sooo beautiful) we went to seek warmth inside the museum and The Queen's House. The Queen's House which was packed with stunning fine art, but naturally what took my attention was the incredible attention to detail and patterns in the architecture and ironwork, these photos just don't do it justice. And how did I take only so few? 

The bottom pictures are the view from the hill in Greenwich Park across East London, again all these were taken on my phone so the quality is not so great... but it's an incredible and different vantage point on the city. I'd love to go back there with a picnic and maybe some sports stuff! There's also the Maritime Museum and Observatory nearby, so combined with the market there's enough for a very full and different day out! :)

Naomi x

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