I Love Patterns: London Textiles Fair

I feel like I've completely lost the  whole flow of blogging in just two weeks off from it, normally the words for a post like this was just roll off yet today i'm feeling a bit like 'oh heres some pictures' kinda thing... but yeah. On Wednesday I dragged three of my very willing housemates out to the London Textile Fair in Islington, having originally signed up for the free event (blagging 'University of Westminster' as my company) way back in September I had completely forgotten it even existed until last week. Being primarily intended at industry professionals in search of their next batch of fabrics, the event was probably a bit dull for those I was with, but as a full on pattern addict I was in total heaven. Unfortunately we did only get the chance to talk to three or four professionals, one of whom was an extremely helpful newly graduated freelance textile designer and another 'printer' who explained the process his company uses for polyester. But we had the opportunity to browse swatch books and rails of material at our leisure, the collection I seem to have photographed doesn't together look overly groundbreaking, but that is probably as I've lumped together such a mix of stuff that has come from all sorts of designers worldwide. The event was useful to me in learning processes, colour ways and gaining a bit of an insight into the industry (cheekily writing names of potential work experience!).

Naomi x

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