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You can really tell I'm not back in blogging mode after the little break around New Years, or maybe I'm just not back in my own routine. I've actually been into central London and done some exploring three times this week...but I only took film cameras with me every time! One of which I will be developing myself later today. My housemates and I are also having a Caribbean night tonight, which will be nice...I suggested we did a different cuisine every month and have a big cook-along and dinner together. One of my housemates just got back from Barbados with some rather yummy surprises so this one got bumped up the list a bit!! In terms of uni work, I'm not at all back in the flow of that either... this week I published something on www.naomikratz.com... in no shape or form is this my finished website, so far it has only the one page! But having been paying for the domain name since the start of December I thought it better to publish the bare minimum anyway. We've got to make our own website this term at uni so I'm hoping to get ahead of the game a bit, although I'm fairly sure using Wix isn't really okay... OH, we got last term's practical work grades back and I could not be happier... got a 69% and a 74% which do sound low but in uni terms are good is the highest possible 2:1 and a first. SO HAPPY.  :) This term we're doing some external enterprise stuff, starting off with some competition briefs so as I know I have quite an arty following on the blog I thought I'd share some competitions I've found online/was given at uni with yous in case you fancy entering any of them too! Most of them are either monthly or annual, so bare that in mind if you don't have time this time around. :)

  • D&AD New Blood Awards - fairly sure every design student and their goldfish has heard of/previously entered New Blood but I decided to add it in anyway! I personally am considering entering the AirBnB competition on the concept of 'belonging' if I have the time, but I'm so overexcited by the others on this list I think I'm going to end up running out of time... we technically only have to enter one for uni, but we have until April so I'm hoping to actually fit in 4 or 5 as I'm a bit of a workaholic. DEADLINE: 31st March
  • Tigerprint - I've been entering these competitions almost monthly since Lauren told me about Tigerprint nearly 3 years ago. I've made the shortlist a few times before but it would be amazing to get even further than that! This month the brief is 'Floral Surface Pattern' so I'm hoping to make use of Kew Gardens January discount this weekend as "research" ;) DEADLINE: 23rd FEBRUARY
  • Bradford Textile Society - Bradford Textile Society runs a series of specialist textile competitions, most of which are way too technical for me... but the Prestigious Textile Award allows for print design. I'd nearly written off entering this one as the brief was waaay too open, until a lovely lady at the London Textile Fair  suggested I entered it too...ahhh not sure what to do! DEADLINE: 13th MARCH
  • Penguin Design Award - The Penguin design award takes three of their titles and asks you to re-design their sleeves. Having already read the book from both the adult and children's categories I am tempted to enter this one. Specifically as the adult title 'Oranges are Not the Only Fruit' is fresh in my mind and it's a good one to do some screen printing for. Not sure yet though!  DEADLINE: 11th MARCH
  • YCN Awards - Similarly to D&AD the YCN Student Awards have a range of competitions, I haven't read through them all, but the ones I did pick out include encouraging fathers to read to their children and increasing awareness of grandparents day. Which is hilarious to me and mum considering a rather funny incident involving Clare Balding and grandparents day way back in 2012! Its one of those things that would never sound funny to anyone else even if I bothered to explain.  DEADLINE: 19th MARCH
  • Textile Society - I don't know much about this one, but they do offer a student Bursary Award too.  DEADLINE: 23rd JANUARY (is that today?)
  • Textile Federation - a bit more light-hearted and the one I'm working on at the moment, the Textile Federation's monthly competition ends next week, with the current theme of motion and the one I'm working on at the moment. I had a tutorial concerning this one the other day and my tutor was bursting with ideas! I'm beginning to think the Kandinsky-come-Matisse type style I've gone for doesn't fit with the style of the other entries in the galleries though.  DEADLINE: 29th JANUARY
  • Creative Conscience is the brief I am perhaps most excited about entering. They give you the option of three briefs - safe water, open brief and the one I've gone for 'Project Sunlight' which is all about creating a brighter future. As I've become quite caught up in the briefs with shorter deadlines I haven't yet decided how I'm going to tackle this one. But I have another tutorial with a different tutor on Tuesday so I'm hoping to have some stuff down on paper before then.  DEADLINE: 27th MARCH

Good luck if you enter any of these! :) Let me know if you know any other good ones. 

Naomi x

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