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A few weeks ago CASS Art sent me 48 liquitex acrylic paints (currently on sale, highly recommend!), 4 liquitex paint pens, 4 liquitex spray paints, a funky wallet of brushes and ten whole metres of paper along with the challenge: 

 #CREATIVECALL is simple; collaborate creatively with your friends to create something incredible with Liquitex acrylic. The best thing about the Liquitex range is that all its products are intermixable (if you didn’t know – spread the word!).
Collaborate with 10 of your friends to create the ultimate 10m mural.
Share your artist t-shirts with your friends and enjoy the intermixability of Liquitex’s Acrylic range. Your mural can be about anything you like, your city, the people, a current project if it’s convenient! Let inspiration come to you in whatever way, but be sure to photograph your team working together, smaller sections and your full masterpiece.

Coming at the time of our deadlines it did lay neglected in our living room for a week or two with people adding the odd wonky house drawing out of stress, so after Christmas we decided to turn over and start again! Unfortunately we weren't always allowed in our studio, but with people invited over to our student house including my friend Ana who is studying social sciences,  we had an eclectic enough mix of people to lay it out in our living room (sorry landlord) and get people who both do and don't usually engage in the arts to pick up a paintbrush! The fantastic thing about the three different mediums we were sent, is that despite their different application styles, they can all be blended together seamlessly. Nobody had ever picked up one of the paint pens before and everybody thought they were amazing, we did struggle somewhat with the spray paints working properly, but they gave the texture we intended anyway. The acrylic tubes themselves were extremely versatile, easy to work with and amazing value if you were to purchase them yourself! Could not believe the range of colours, even including metallics! We started off at one end with a sort of sky/galaxy theme... but by the other end that had been completely forgotten. It was hard to judge what it would look like as obviously our living room is only a few metres long, so the first time it was revealed was when we took it out onto the street yesterday!! Obviously the windy weather gave it a bit of wear and tear, but hey, that kinda added to the texture of the piece... and the neighbours seemed interested too!!

Naomi x


  1. THIS IS SO COOL! I would love to do this someday :)
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Oh I love liquitex! I have the 36 set and I'm running close to ending a few colors.. I've already run out of white once and bought a full tube! Now I'm almost out of Mars Black and White again. Great paints. Also this looks so fun to do!


  3. This sounds so amazing and fun! Bet it was amazing to just go out and do.
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!