Uni Update: Screenprinting Some More

As you can probably tell by all my uni update posts lately, I am completely and utterly neglecting my other two modules... my days in the print room before Christmas are numbered and I'm trying to make the most of every second to get these print designs done (she says having just climbed back into bed ill...) It's so frustrating that we're only allowed to print on fabric one day a week...and even then fashion students get priority :( So everything so far on paper! To add to the complication I am super poorly and exhausted ALL the time at the moment, and however much I love screen printing it is physically wearing me out and after two all nighters in a row on my essay, it's safe to say I am feeling pretty dead!! I intended to have my first Christmassy post of the year ready for today, but having failed that here are a few more of the happy accidents which occurred during last week! I began to lose interest in just creating the houses and became much more drawn to the areas of smudges and splodges of co-ordinating or contrasting colours! I then had some fun photographing tiny sections through a viewfinder and i'm hoping to fun them through illustrator and put them into a digital repeat.

I've just realised I haven't included the only successful actual houses one!! -> this one, the idea next is to put it into a repeat pattern on a piece of fabric and get my  act together to make the next two designs (i.e. get back out of bed ;))

Naomi x

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  1. These all look amazing - seems like you've been having lots of fun :) I miss screen printing at Uni :(