Out&About: Christmas on the Southbank

Sorry, sorry, sorry! Feels like forever since I wrote a blog post, I've no idea how long it's actually been... been working literally 20 hours a day some days and all the days have blurred into one! Which is upsetting because I actually have so much to blog at the moment, I could write everyday if I had the time... this isn't even one of said posts, it's just it was easy to throw together to fill a gap and at least some nice photos to attach to my apology ;)

The other morning I got up ridonkulously early to go for a walk around central and get some 'fresh' air (let's face it, it's London, that's not a thing) before starting a day of work work work. I headed to London Bridge because it had bee my intention to get a train down to Peckham's Crafty Fox Market, but that plan was aborted upon discovering that it didn't start until the afternoon :(Instead I took a wander around Borough Market and headed down the Southbank towards their Christmas Market. Fortunately I'd already read that it had moved outside the Tate from its old position near Waterloo... and I have to admit it probably should have stayed put!! Perhaps it was only because it was so early in the morning, but there was NO atmosphere whatsoever, it didn't even feel like a Christmas market to me this time round whereas last year it was my favourite Christmassy place! Nonetheless, it wasn't awful! I had a good while looking at all the handmade stalls, the weather was so clear and well, it beats essay writing! ;) 

Naomi x

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