Out & About: London Illustration Fair 2014

Something tells me this post is going to turn out very long and very... err, picturey! On Saturday I got very lost on the hunt for the London Illustration Fair... firstly walking up and down and up and down Tottenham Court Road looking for the right number bus... then once I finally got to Hoxton, ended up searching down several dark alleyways for the Illustration Fair, only to discover it was tucked away and I'd already walked past a number of times! But it was well worth the hassle and well worth the £5 ticket to get in :) The fair, a simple set-up like many I'd seen before, filled two rooms with loads of amazing illustrators crammed in and given an area each, most were selling stuff - but all were showing off their best work. It was great for me to see so many uses of illustrative print on textiles, as increasingly I think that's the sort of area I want to go in. Other things that really stood out to me were the artist who illustrated lines from contemporary songs and finally seeing the Herb Lester map series in real life after being OBSESSED with them in foundation. Overall it was lovely, I wish I'd had a bit more confidence (and space - it was packed!) to speak to some of the illustrators and find out a bit about how they got to where they were and stuff... but I will next time! Maybe one day, I'll be one of the illustrators exhibiting myself! 

Naomi x

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  1. Can't believe you got to go there! Sandra Deickmann is literally one of my favourite illustrators!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!