Out & About: 50 Years of Graphic Design

I really really thought I already blogged about this before I went home!!? Obviously not, or maybe I did and now I've just lost the plot. I feel incredibly guilty blogging anything here whilst my uni blog is still non-existent to be honest, I just cannot get my head around wordpress, I've been a blogspot person since I was 15 and it's so hard to adapt! Talking of which, this particular blog is one year old tomorrow, woo! I kickstarted it last December with all Christmas Londony things and I feel totally gutted I haven't had any spare time or energy to go and see/do any of them this year yet! I'm having to a stay way longer lonely week or so than term finishing (I feel like Scrooge at the beginning of the muppets version, despite being the most Christmassy person going) to get stuff done for January deadlines, so hopefully I'll treat myself a bit to a couple of days out :) 

The day before my last trip home I went to the Royal College of Art to hijack Lauren's uni trip with Sepi toooo to see the exhibition of 50 Years of Graphic Design at the RCA... which was like being in screen print heaven! There were various designs of zines, books and posters dating back from the RCA's student archives, it was incredible to see how graphic design trends as a whole had shifted over the years and the elements which are recycled and reused through time and to today. As always, I was fascinated by the typography stuff - it's something I long to be able to do myself, but it never seems to work out right. I also made so many notes on colour combinations and things as so many were there that worked out incredibly which I never would have picked out to use myself... also noted down in scribble-format loads of zine layouts! I need to make more zines in my own time, I have so many ideas in terms of theme and content and just no time, ahhhhhhh! Plans for summer! It was sooo amazing to finally meet Lauren and Sepi in real life after having met through the #artfoundation hashtag when applying for courses three years ago! Crazyyyy! Also waved hello to Jonathan I think that brings the total of people I've met from offline to like 8 or 9, which sounds duper duper dodgy but everyone has been even more amazing in real life! And it's been lovely having a sort of online creative support network for when times get tough or when times get good indeed, just people to retweet you and stuff too...just wish we could all collaborate on something!!  :) 

I think the exhibition is on until Christmas(ish) and I highly recommend to anyone interested in visual communication!

Naomi x

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  1. Looks amazing! Wish I was able to visit it, and you, and Lauren. ugh distances!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!