London Life: Sunrise at Hampstead Heath : )

This is something that's been on my London to-do list since the day I moved here, and now it's something I want to do a hundred times over! As it's nearing the shortest day the sunrise was actually only around half seven and we're lucky we only live about 20 minutes away from parliament hill, so as we were heading into central early we decided to stop off at the way. Because our connecting overground train was 9 minutes late we sooo almost missed it and were almost running up a slope to make it as it got brighter and brighter by the second. It was literally the most magical and beautiful thing I've ever seen, the sun rose up over the horizon in front of our eyes, illuminating the high buildings so much they became transparent. This is one of only a few optimum points in the suburbs where you can look out and see the whole of London... canary wharf, the gherkin, the eye... all the recognisable tall buildings ;) I highly highly suggest if you live in London, you make an effort to get up a bit early whilst it's still December and go and look over this... you will not regret it, total renewed appreciation of how beautiful this city is! 

Naomi x

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  1. Wow these are so beautiful! What a place to look over the city at.
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!