I Love Patterns: Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

So right now I am trying reaaaaaaalllllllyyyyy hard to get on with my uni work, but I just got an email through about the Asos sale, so work is on hold for an hour or two ;) Apologies that the posts are few and far between and all very photographic lately, I just really want to get enough work done to be able to half-enjoy Christmas and whatnot. I'm hoping to kickstart 2014 with a bit of a blog shake-up, i.e. more arty stuff, a less diy-ed layout and a better level of consistency with posting, but I'll talk about all that another day... for today, here are some photographs from when I found this insanely beautiful temple near Ikea! I've had sooo many people see these photos and ask me where in the world I was, fair question to be honest, and then not believe me that I was still in London!! But down a fairly quiet residential street in Neasden/Wembley, this Hindu temple really doesn't have any evidence of being in London. The gates were locked when I was there, but I am so desperate to go back one day and have a better explore and take my sketchbook to draw some of these amazing patterns! 

Sorry there is not much writing today on this post! I really do have to get on!

Naomi x

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