I Love Patterns: Khaadi

You have no idea what level of pattern heaven was reached when Caroline took me into Khaadi in Westfield the other day... the previous weekend she'd brought home the most beautiful quilt I've ever seen in my life and I begged and begged that she took me to the shop! (Especially when I discovered you can't shop online in the UK!) I guess you would sy Khaadi is kind of an ethnic-y shop...it offers khurdas and other lightweight fabric clothing such as trousers etc. I was most in love with their homeware section, which I think is pretty new, but I'm praying they have a january sale so that I can buy a quilt of my own and millions of pretty cushions ;) The colour combinations and incredibly insanely large range of pattern styles was just amazing, I don't know who comes up with all these fabric designs and who picks out the colours, but certainly much more exciting pattern-wise than your average shop!! 

Naomi x

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