Fifteen Hopes for Two-Thousand-&-Fifteen!

Still technically on a blog break as I still haven't finished any of my work la la laaaa. But I have done 'this' blog post every year, on various blogs, since 2010 so I couldn't miss it out really! I tend not to call them resolutions because I know I won't stick to them... but realistically that is what they are!

  1. KEEP A PERSONAL SKETCHBOOK!!!! If I only manage one thing this year I want this to be it! I'm going to buy one today using my paperchase voucher! :)
  2. Explore something new in London at least twice a week whilst I'm living here. I now have the 'Tired of London, Tired of Life' book which is literally amazing and shall be blogged about in the near future!
  3. See more of the people I love :) Even if its only on Skype, but visits are better! I just constantly always really really miss Ana, Amy-Lee, Toby, Rosie, Silvia, Josie etccccc.
  4. Take more film photos - my computer will be happy with that, its less than a year old and already has a full hard drive thanks to 10,000ish 20mp photos!
  5. Screenprint my own fabric designs :)
  6. Expand my Etsy shop and publish my portfolio site!
  7. Better my blog! Re-design, more art, more London, nicer layout etc :)
  8. Moan less on the internet!! Every time I automatically turn to twitter and I shouldn't, because lots of people who don't know me in real life can read it and make assumptions...as can arty companies and also my tutors!
  9. Get some work experience. 
  10. GO TRAVELLING IN EUROPE.  How was this not number one on the list!? Me and my housemate really wanna do this as its our last ever ever ever summer holidays this year!!
  11. Spend less time mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.
  12. Get better! I post this every year and I know its not a resolution as it's beyond my control, but at least the pain clinic are on my side now! Generally improve my routine and stop pushing myself quite so hard... get back on the smoothies and soups as my swallowing is being rubbishy again lately. Do everything the pain clinic tells me to!
  13. Feel like I can talk to my housemates/my mum about how I feel health wise. I tend to keep 99% of the pain to myself and that's unhealthy in itself and gets me very frustrated/lonely...which I then vent on twitter, very bad! 
  14. SPEND LESS MONEY... so that number 10 is possible! :)
  15. Be more experimental with my art style/uni work :) stop using pen for things as I can do that anytime! Take advantage of all the uni facilities whilst I can do so for free...even the library ;)

HAPPY NEW YEAR, see yaaas after the deadline!

Naomi x

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  1. I would love to be committed enough to keep a personal sketchbook! I hope you have a great 2015 Naomi :)
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk