Worth Watching: David Hockney, Live From LA.

On Sunday I was lucky enough to have the opportunity through Cass Art to go to a preview screening of the new feature length Hockney documentary 'Live from LA' at the Hackney Picturehouse. Number one, the Hackney Picturehouse is AMAZING. Number two, I had no idea how much I am in love with David Hockney's work! The documentary depicts his life as a student and an adult in the UK and the US through a large collection of archive footage, old photographs, interviews and pieces of his work, interrupted occasional by inspiring quotes!! It was absolutely incredible to follow the stories of familiar pieces of work and to have such a huge insight into the life of somebody so incredible. It is genuinely insane the amount of successful work that Hockney has produced in his lifetime, the amount of different styles he's been made famous for and the fact that he's still working seven days a week despite being 77! My friend Caroline and I left feeling hugely inspired by not just the way he worked, but the way he documented his own life through home footage and photos. I highly recommend that you find your nearest Picturehouse cinema (it's also on at a few Cineworlds and Empires I think) and book tickets to this. Because even if you don't think you're a Hockney fan, I promise you by the end of this documentary you will be! Also, if any of you live in London do check out the Hackney Picturehouse.

Here is the trailer & my most favourite of his pieces :)


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