Uni Update: Unsuccessful Screenprinting & Stuff

Just to add to how unsuccessful my screen printing is at the moment, my photography of said screen prints is also ridiculously pants! Over the last two weeks I have spent a crazy amount of time in our uni's print room trying to dodge the strict instructions of our slightly unusual technician and trying to make as much mess as possible! As mentioned in my last uni update post, I've slightly lost it lately and totally let go of all the tight and tidy things I normally do! Right at the moment I'm hopinggggg to make some world war two inspired propaganda scarves or at least patterns on paper if I run out of time in the print room (how are there already only 3 weeks left of term!?!?!?). I'm not sure how I feel about showing this work in progress... especially as you can't even tell what it is at this stage... the colours are wrong (I always just go in and pick out my favourites forgetting the theme!)...and it looks like its heading towards disaster! 

But after a tutorial the other day I'm confident that everything is going to be at least 'okay'.  It's been my first time layering up different components of an image and I think I've done alrightish. I have a reading week next week so I am just going to head back into the print room every single day until I have something slightly more successful... although I am hoping for maybe like three designs I'm not sure. But yeah, I just thought I'd share another update of my own work because I feel lately like my blog is being overtaken by things that are too fine arty or just not relevant to my life. I've got literally like 8 draft posts in progress at the moment ranging from clothing wishlists to exhibitions though :) I'm tempted at the moment to make a separate blog just for my work... but I'm not convinced... we'll see after I've published my website I think :)

Naomi x

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