Uni Update: Being Messy

My art style is known amongst my friends/family for being super detailed, black and white patterned-y, tiny and controlled...so judging by yesterday's A2 colour explosions I have officially lost the plot. I'm torn between thingy they look like infant school drawings and thinking that they might actually be half okay... I do enjoy looking at other people's work when it's textural and expressive, but I had no idea how much fun and HOW ADDICTIVE working like this really is. I had out every art supply I own and I was just going crazy, I couldn't stop! I mean they're not even in my colour schemes or anything!!! I was working on one of them til 2.30am and then I was already back at it by 6am! I'd really like to know what you guys think, is it something I should carry on with just as a creative warm-up in my house/the studio or is it something you'd like me to share? I was quite surprised at how much like a screen print this one looked when I ran it through Illustrator? Talking of screen printing actually I did seven solid hours of it yesterday!! And (when it was followed by this creative explosion) it was the most productive and creative day I've ever had! These crazy big pieces weren't totally random though I took elements of things from the V&A artefacts/patterns and also a book I have out on Chakras now and kind of improvised the rest based on existing elements and motifs from the Tibetian Peace garden.

Naomi x

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  1. I really love them, they'd make fabulous textures! I think you should do what makes you happy and inspires you :-) xx