This Week's Dose of Inspiration: Yasmeen Ismail

It feels like a lot longer than 2 weeks since I last wrote one of these posts, in fact I've sort of forgotton what kind of thing I usually write... have I ever even done a children's illustrator before!? Ever since I met my mum and dad at kings cross book shop last week for a quick half an hour whilst they waited for their train, I've been diving into every bookshop I walk past to immerse myself in the children's book section. It's something that my mum does (as she works with 4/5 year olds) and I never realised how inspiring it was! Children's illustration has certainly changed a lot in recent years, modernised in my opinion and become a lot cuter! 
I actually found Yasmeen Ismail online though... I thinkkkk, she's been saved in my favourites for a while though. She has a background in animation, some of which you can view on her website, and they are EVEN CUTER if that is even possible - it's incredible to see these adorable characters brought to life. They couldn't possibly have more personality!! On a visual level, I love the thing she has going on with the transparent colours and the colour palettes are bright and cheerful without being clashing or in-your-face! Looking at her work just really cheers me up and makes me happy :)

Naomi x

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