Prints & Study Room at the V&A

Last Wednesday I went with my tutor and a few other students to the Print and Study Room in the very tippity-top rooms of the V&A. I didn't even know it was possible to see the originals of so many great pieces of art, let alone for anybody to be able to book in to do so and it is something I highly recommend any of you other art/design students do one day! Going with our tutor, we had a very structured four or five hours looking and talking chronologically through boxes and boxes of original pieces dating back from old Japanese woodcuts right forward to some present day graphic design. My personal highlight was seeing a part-finished William Morris up close, I swear I am in love with that man and all he achieved! I also visited his house & gallery at the weekend, which was like a literal dream and I shall definitely be blogging it up soooooon! Ohh and we also saw the original Grammar of Ornament plates, a book of old patterns that i'd only learnt of that morning but immediately ordered on next day delivery from Amazon! The pieces were allowed to be picked up and held up close to be examined, plus we were allowed to take photos! However, they were meant to be kept for private use only which is why I have only been able to include tiny versions in a collage - but I wanted to share the wide variety of things that y'all could go see! :) 

Naomi x

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