Out & About: Works on Paper, Brick Lane Gallery

This posts seems fitting to come after yesterday's, as the Brick Lane Gallery's current 'Works on Paper' exhibition is fifty-fifty an explosion of colour and the rest black and white penned patterns. I quite like the 'casual' feel of the gallery and the fact that the works downstairs (the colourful ones!)seemed very experimental, unplanned and almost like the kind of activity we'd do in college (in a good way). I really want to get back into doing more colourful and lose mixed media work myself. But yeah, the fact they were unframed and just on ordinary paper... they had much more of an energy to them that the perfectly planned and precisely symmetrical ones upstairs - although I definitely loved those ones the most anyways!! In particular the way that some of the framed ones were hung along a track of ink-splashed paper... which maybe tied the two halves of the exhibition together?!

Naomi x

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