Out & About: First Thursdays

Once again it's almost a week between me going to an event and managing to upload about it! Last year, an American exchange student, who joined our course for a semester, introduced us to 'First Thursdays' an event which covers all of East London's art scene and sees hundreds of galleries big and small stay open late. It's a challenge to organise an evening of seeing what you want to see as many of these galleries are far apart or more often just well hidden, but it's kind of equally lovely just to walk around and stumble across huddles of creative-types drinking free drinks outside the open galleries!! Last Thursday we went with a bit of a plan, bit as always it totally folded when we got there and we just went wherever we could find instead! 

Starting at Whitechapel Gallery we headed down Brick Lane towards Shoreditch High Street and BoxPark. I'm afraid I don't know the name of either of the Brick Lane galleries, but I totally fell in love with everything in the first one. Set against rustic bare brick work, these hand-rendered type on wood and mixed-media-like drawings were perfectly at home... with their surroundings 100% enhancing the work and making it seem even more incredible. Although it doesn't take much for me to call hand-rendered type incredible anyways! These super-patterned lightbox stained glass things were also in the same gallery and I was surprised that something so so accurate had just been done using a marker pen! Stopping at a couple of other galleries down Brick Lane and admiring the street art on the way, we next went into a gallery on the base of BoxPark and as we were leaving a lady told us to head upstairs to a live drawing event! I've never been to anything like that before and we were kind of happy to see someone who'd studied on our course a few years back was one of the artists participating! Always nice to know when people get somewhere with their art!!! I'm gutted that we didn't get to go to the Print Studio that I wanted to go to most of all, but nonetheless it was an amazing night and I had my first ever Wagamama's ;)

Naomi x

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