London Life: Wandering at Night

I feel slightly like I've been neglecting my blog big time lately. I really wish there was a proper reason, but my uni work is also fairly going nowhere at the moment and I haven't been on any major adventures. Saying that, I did make a trip over to the Tower of London to see the breathtaking poppy installation and meet up with Josie the over evening. Living in 'the suburbs' it's so easy to go months and months without seeing the lights of central London, and every single time I rediscover the Thames at night I fall back in love with the beauty of the city and strangely I feel so at home and soooo safe. I haven't quite got to grips with my new DSLR after dark as I've only had it during summer months, but since the clocks have turned back it's my aim to get out and about and learn how to use all the settings properly. But so far, I apologise, these are very experimental and hence only a small handful were actually 'blog-able'... I know this is a short and slightly meaningless blog post but it fills a gap and gets me back in a blogging mode! :)

Naomi x

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