Life, en général.

Hello! Right now I have a to-do list the length of a small country, so y'know the obvious thing to do (at 6am) is write a blog post. And despite having seven draft blog posts all nearly ready to publish, I'm feeling they're too similar to my last few and I wanna break things up first... with things I haven't yet done, woo. I read Ellie's blogpost yesterday and felt the need to do the exact same thing (sorry Ellie)! So I'm afraid this is just gonna be a list of everything that's occurring right now, especially things that are making me feel a bit meh. And then after I've done a couple more interesting things, or been a few more nice places hopefully we'll be back on track both blog-wise and life-wise!! ;)

  • It's reading week, which sounds like a nice little holiday but I actually more to do and more hours to spend in uni than a normal week, woo!
  • Feeling a bit ????????? about the future. Not in a panicked scary way, just in a genuine 'when's the next time I'm gonna get a break?' way. As I literally don't see one until I retire right now ;)
  • We have two essay type things to do at the moment and 'brainfog' (genuine symptom hahahah) means I am the absolute worst at reading and writing and whenever I tell people that they're like 'ooo me too' and it's like...no you're not.
  • I've started a 6-12 month programme at a pain clinic. I am soooo lucky to have a place because it's ridiculously oversubscribed and GPs aren't meant to refer you, but it's meaning lots of trips home, lots of 'homework' and lots of 'cutting down' on how much I do :((
  • It's nearly Christmas.
  • I don't feel Christmassy yet. :( I'm playing all the songs and watching all the films, but this workload and the fact I haven't bought a single present is not helping!
  • OOOOO I ordered some Christmas cards to be printed! They should arrive today, I'm apprehensive of their quality but if they're any good I should be selling them :)
  • I've been trying to make a website for 4 months and the domain/hosting is half price until the end of today so I may buy dun dun duuuuuur.
  • I miss Ana.
  • And Toby, Rosie and Silvia.
  • And my big brother and sister. :(
  • Living in London is still the best!
  • Bought 8 metres of fabric for £5!
  • Got a list of Christmas craft fairs/markets to go to next weekend and I plan to blog them all!! 
  • My blog is a year old next week and it'd be pretty funky to reach 50 followers on bloglovin pleaaaaaase :)
  • I have a new phone and it's wonderfuuuuuuul... it has a 20mp camera and it's turquoise!!!! :D
  • Friday Lates at the v&a this week is typography related!
  • I'm spending an awful lot of my life at the v&a lately, finally understanding why school took us there so much!
  • Had a haircut, so gonna re-ombre tomorrow!
Gonna leave this list, which has turned more into an almighty moan than a genuine life update. Got 3 hours to get dressed, design/draw what I'm gonna screen print today and walk to uni, eeeeeek. Have a lovely day everybodyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

Naomi x

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